about me



who am i?

Hai! I'm seepancake/firezsky!


I'm a huge fan of the 2000s/ the old web, as well as other fun stuff such as minecraft, splatoon, and drawing/writing about my ocs.

My current Interests!!


Builds (coming soon)

Hermitcraft Hermitcraft is a minecraft SMP (survival multiplayer) made up of the Hermits- a group of youtubers from around the world who love to build spectacular builds, create amazing redstone contraptions, and most of all, prank eachother. Hermitcraft has lasted eight seasons so far, each one being extremely different from the other.

Personally, I love to watch the season 8 Boatem crew and Rendog the most. Grian- who is one of my favorite members, is a youtuber Ive been watching for years, even before he joined Hermitcraft in season 6. His ability to build is amazing, and heś one of my greatest inspirations. Throughout every SMP he has been in over the years, the TNT loving man has done a multitude of (in my opinion) super memorable pranks invloving his server mates.

the list of servers he has been in (to my knowledge) are:

  • Yandere High School - 2015
  • Minecraft Evo - 2017 (admin)
  • Hermitcraft - 2018
  • Third Life SMP - 2021 (admin)
  • Last Life SMP - 2021 (admin)


I've been a splatoon fan since 2017! I have 700+ hours on splatoon 2 and 250+ hours on splatoon 3. I love collecting splatoon merch as well- I have all the amiibos, a callie plushie and a cosplay, two weapon blind box figures, two mem cake erasers, 3 artbooks, and more :>


minecraft/hermitcraft (2016-present)

disney parks (2016-present)

splatoon (2017-present)

ok ko (2018-2019

mother 3 (2019)

My ocs (2019-present)

pokemon (2022-present)

trigun (2022)

doctor who (2023-)

qsmp (2023-)