current fav song:

It's golden hour somewhere- Lovejoy


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to do

make website more accesible

add links section

update oc page

update log

9/23/23: added chatbox, rearranged oc pagee, merged about me and interests pages

9/22/23: added button, updated oc ref sheets!

9/19/23: major layout pages again :/

9/17/23: finished art page, changed oc page, bug fixes

9/16/23: changed entire wbsite layout ;u;

9/14/23: added gallery page (wip)

9/13/23: added favicon

9/12/23: added and changed site graphics

9/11/23: added graphics, ocs page

4/3/23: added song of the week

3/31/23: added update log

12/16/21: website created



this site is under construction!


I have that beanie baby worm. i luv him sm :>
more songs to check out:

-Just Be Competent- r u s s e l b u c k

-It's golden hour somewhere- Lovejoy

-I guess it's really goodbye- Nelward

-meltdown- Iroha (sasaki)