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Mass Anasthesia - Mediavolo


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update log

3/4/24: added art projects thing on main page. Also I made a youtube channel! I'm gonna post some of my animations there!

1/15/24: minor updates :3

1/7/24: added to collections page, added graphics

1/2/24: added collections page

12/31/23: changed color scheme. happy new years! sorry I forgot about this page (college moment)

9/26/23: added new character to the oc references page! You can find it here!

9/25/23: stylistic changes

9/23/23: added chatbox, rearranged oc pagee, merged about me and interests pages

9/22/23: added button, updated oc ref sheets!

9/19/23: major layout pages again :/

9/17/23: finished art page, changed oc page, bug fixes

9/16/23: changed entire wbsite layout ;u;

9/14/23: added gallery page (wip)

9/13/23: added favicon

9/12/23: added and changed site graphics

9/11/23: added graphics, ocs page

4/3/23: added song of the week

3/31/23: added update log

12/16/21: website created

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Hermitcraft season 10 !!!!

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what's new?

3/4/24:cloning a rock in art class right now... soon enough... ill have my own army...

1/7/24:anyone else scared of going back to school? cuz i am.

9/26/23: I saw a real life anvil today. big day.


this site is under construction!


> ralsei says: hai!

jerma985 blinkie that links to a youtube video
About Me
firezsky/ skye - they/them
likes: early 2000s internet stuffs, rock music, minecraft and invader zim
more songs to check out:

ANTONYMPH - 2009 N3WGR0UNDZ V3RS10N - Vylet Pony

-Bang the Doldrums - Fall Out Boy

-Romance is Boring - Los Campesinos

-Chaos Magnets - Ghoulies

recent art projects!!

3 handpainted pins, one of pearl and marina from splatoon 3, another of the nonbinary flag, and another of a golden egg from splatoon.

I've been repainting old button pins recently!! It's something I do occasionally and they always look super cool. Two of them are splatoon stuffs and the third is a low quality non-binary pin :3 idk! just having fun.